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    Quick Way to make Cash


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    Quick Way to make Cash Empty Quick Way to make Cash

    Post by Retropical on Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:28 am

    Well, here's the easiest gold making trick, that is if you're a member.

    All you gotta do is go to Miltonius /join miltonius kill the tainted elemental, or dark, don't quite remember it's name, and let the tainted soul stack 13 times, then sell, that's an easy 81 250, or 87,750 depending on if the Tainted Souls sell for 6,250 or 6,750

    If you're a member with a portable shop, *A shop that has been opened in the book of lore, Deady Shop, Chronomancer Shop, etc.* Simply go to the forest of chaos /join forestchaos and kill the chaos bear and sell his drops to your Port-O-Shop, another quick gold scheme
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    Post by Ranger 50 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:40 am


    If you have Crag & Bamboozle along with Oblivion Blade of Miltonius, you can make an easy 700k in around an hour.
    For all of you miltonius-farmers, then you'd know what I'm talking about, but here's what it is anyways:

    1) /join miltonius

    2) Have the quest "Bamboozle vs. Drudgen accepted before you start killing Tainted Elemental

    3) Accept all Tainted Souls/Cores you obtain from the Elemental. If you have a portable shop, then turn in and sell your cores ONLY whilst you fight. I find this a more efficient and easier method to farm, rather than stacking both items 'till 13.

    4) Once you get 13 Tainted Souls, turn them in using the Dark Deal quest (from Oblivion Blade of Miltonius) for an Escherion Helm. Sell each ecchy helm. In the end you will have 162.5k JUST from that 1 turn in.

    5) Repeat this process.

    6) Enjoy the gold o-o

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    Post by Guest on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:54 pm

    Non Member Money Makers.

    Dwakel Crash site.

    Accept the First 3 Quests from the Rustbucket trainer. Sell the Drop items from the quest and any items you may pick up from enemies (Repeat this process) Quest Drop Items Sell 2500G, Enemy Drops, from 3250G to 1250G

    The Black Knight.

    Get a Group of friends and farm the Black knight weapons. each one sells for 6250G. (keep in mind a Black orb is required)

    Dragons Lair.

    Farm the Swords and Wings of the Dragons, they sell for 2500G (Swords) and 3750G (wings)


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    Quick Way to make Cash Empty Re: Quick Way to make Cash

    Post by Xin on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:38 pm

    i agree wit all of these especially with the crag one since i haz it :D
    easy 25k in thirty seconds

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    Quick Way to make Cash Empty Re: Quick Way to make Cash

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