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    Sediera: Retributionist



    Sediera: Retributionist

    Post by SAI on Sun May 22, 2011 1:34 pm

    Char Name: Sediera

    Qualification: Retributionist

    Age: ...hmm...ah well i will go with my original: 17

    Appearance: Silky and sleek hair (straight) down to the beginning of neck; slender+agile+precise+well cut build; rather skinny showing joint bones clearly i suppose...nao 4clothing...

    1. (casual) indigo shirt with vertical white sleek stripes.

    2. (after finding out about hidden abilities) indigo wait...refer to the Art Section and see Sold's final clean art of it e.e ehehe...thats one of the attires I am willing to use.. >>>Clicky<<<

    3. (near the end of plot...perhaps after finding out some uncertain truth which Sediera had been seeking throughout the plot) Sleeveless gray jacket with straps...wait um I think paintings speak louder than descriptions e.e I will draw it and u will see...its kinda like this: (not done by me)

    Personality: Sidiera is rather sullen and often non cooperative; meaning he is not shy...he's more of the silent warrior type. His mind hungers for knowledge and the truth ...perhaps which would ultimately cause his demise...(as the cliche goes: "too much curiosity kills the cat" ) Sediera is against worldy pleasures and considers them simply as illusions; he never despises anyone; when encountering an enemy, he considers them as friends who were mislead and thus they were following the wrong path; before combat, he always attempts negotiation and ofcourse if that fails he simply terminates his adversary without hesitation with this in mind "may you reincarnate into a milder and gentler soul," which basically acts as Sediera's catchphrase before the final blow.

    Supernatural Abilities:

    Medium and often used-
    1. "Eye of all-see'ing: "

    A lil' background info: This ability is an inherited one. It is unverified whether this is true or not, but Sediera has been informed that his grandfather has sealed an immortal "Hummanculus's" soul within a shrine. Sediera often saw his granddad visit the shrine, at the age of 4, and one day, Sediera's curiosity peaked and his conscience insisted him to visit it himself. He steps into the shrine at noon and feels a sudden inhuman aura's presence. As he approaches what he thought looked like a tomb, a sudden chill went down his spine. From within the tomb emerged a sudden flare of blinding light. In order to get a good focus of vision, Sediera tried to see what was going on through his right eye and in a fraction of a second, he saw a gentleman standing infront of him. He was dressed in all white. His attire was all formal, with a hat and a customized tailored suit. He had his long dark black hair binded behind him in a "pony-tail" fashion. Sediera dazed off and was found unconscious near his garden infront of the shrine that afternoon.

    Effect: Ever since then, Sediera's right eye seems to predict everyone's next move. It predicts every possible moves a person is going to use in combat...predicts true intentions within a person...and this eye is able to remain unblinked for as long as metal does not come in contact with it.

    2. "Soul Dimension:"

    Background info: Sediera is very fond of his grandfather's achives about various monsters and sealing spells which he recreated himself. Due to his curiosity once again, at the age of seven he enters his grandad's study and begins gathering as much knowledge he could. He spent four hours everyday after school when his granddad was away settling business issues. As the days went by, his interest grew as well and Sediera got more into the books and records. He learned the basic concept of alchemy- disintegrating and rearranging molecules of matter, and with his "eye of all see'ing" Sediera soon became a veeery talented prodigy. At the age of 10 he secured himself by learning all safety precautions and it was only a matter of time before he himself practiced alchemy. At the age of 14, with bone breaking practice and increasing knowledge from the archives, Sediera finally perfected his own medium of transmutation: namely the "soul dimension."

    Effect: The target is rendered paralyzed for 10seconds and encircled with a geometric shape which depends on Sediera's intentions. Sealing transmutation is one of the most used: it opens a interdimensional portal from underneath the target. It swirls up all matter and basically acts as a black hole for 10seconds. It emits a blinding flash during those 10 seconds. Sediera is unaffected by the flash due to the "eye of all see'ing."

    Overdrive skills- rarely used
    1. "Truthful Sears of Retribution:"

    Background: This skill was attained shortly after some indepth research. At the age of 16, Sediera came across a text named "The Epitaph of Rebirth," which had a heavily encripted message. In order to crack it, he attempted using the "eye of all see'ing" however it mislead him into assuming the incorrect and horrifying truth: "the only way to attain eternal peace for this world is to eliminate the seekers of pleasure" This skill is nullified later by the next skill (refer to the background history).

    Effect: Sediera uses alchemy to gather twilight dust and create a heavenly golden glowing spear+sword wepon and combines his knowledge of the "soul dimension" to create a gravitational force which emits from that wepon. Its called...the "Soma" ^^. This wepon pulls all adversary's aura and absorbs their souls only leaving the body intact for a proper burial. This skill is used only when Sediera senses "good" deep within his enemy's soul. If not, the "Soma" reads Sediera's intentions and causes immense fatal wounds to the opponent.

    2. "Blissful Retribution"

    Background Information: At the age of 17, Sediera was still trying to find an alternative to the "the only way to attain eternal peace for this world is to eliminate the seekers of pleasure" notion. Then it occured to him that the phrases "attain peace" and "pleasure" appeared too frequently and it seemed that he must have only interpreted the "Epitapth of Rebirth" incorrectly! He found out that there must have been a meaning even in depth which his "eye of all see'ing" was unable to see directly. He tried to rearrange the notes and compiled a brand new volume of the "Epitaph of Rebirth" in a new order. Now he realized that the new notion was actually closer to what his "eye of all see'ing" believed was the truth, was: "true peace can only be attained through enlightenment and sacrifice."

    Effect: This technique uses the same wepon as "Truthful Sears of Retribution" which is the "Soma." The effect however is different. The sword emits a blinding golden flare and summons a square portal beneath the target and it paralyzes it/him/her and the light becomes sold, binding with the target's limbs and disintegrating the target upon contact. Sediera utters the catchphrase at this point of the plot: "may you reincarnate into a milder and gentler soul."

    Story 'till the Tavern:

    Since the age of 5, Sediera Gui's grandfather noticed his immense potentials. He did not however let Sediera know of this knowing and simply watched Sediera practice and saw his skills grow with increasing speed. However it seems that Sediera's "eye of all see'ing" percieved through this secrecy of his granddad. Sediera, having a silent personality never revealed his feelings or thoughts to his grandad.

    At the age of 14, Sediera is found in grandad Gui's archives. Sediera reluctantly clears things out and about his "eye of all see'ing" although he said he did not know exactly how he obtained it. Grandad Gui knew about it and Sediera knew that due to his "eye of all see'ing." Sediera was determined to know the trith behind this strange world.
    "Grandad Gui, I was wondering...could you explain how monsters and humans live alongside each other?"
    "Sediera my boy, the world is one that designated our destiny beforehand. You have the legitimate mark of my descent. Your duty is to retain balance within this world my boy, listen carefully. Seeking too much of the truth does not always lead to the most satisfying outcome. So do not ask incompitent questions as such and question the elderly. Do you hear me?"
    "Yes, please forgive me"

    That night Sediera pondered in his bed... "...truth does not lead to the most satisfying outcome..hmm...perhaps...however that is no reason to hinder myself from seeking it. I shall not hide from it! I MUST quench my thirst for knowlede...perhaps becoming grandad's apprentice and taking over the family business of acting as a monster-human diplomat will help in my research."

    Years passed by and it seemed that Sediera was correct. His new drive for knowledge went to a farther extent. He learnt from monsters several experiences which books were unable to express...1st hand experiences only expressed when on the verge of death...
    Soon he developed his skills...learnt new art of combat...

    "What's with that boy...its impractical for someone to perform portal transmutation at such a young not simply his skills...its the "eye of all see'ing"...he's harnessing his drive and infusing the eye's abilities to learn at a completely different level...fortunately ...the eye only reveals the truth only to a certain extent...god forbid, I cant bear to think what would happen if he found out the reason and origin of that eye. Should I tell him?...No! that would be rash for me...I must not show emotional expressions which the "eye of all see'ing" can percieve. Lets just see where that boy gets to...perhaps he will transcent beyond my research...will he be the one to finally find the ultimate answer to eternal peace?"

    It was drizzling one evening as Sediera was returning from practicing alchemy in his family study. He walks up to the balcony and offers his palm under the open sky and feels the mild raindrops against his skin. "...makes me feel nostalgic...I was always curious about the shrine grandad often visited when I was a kid. Its about time I make a few things clear and learn the truth about my "eye of all see'ing" and its origin. Granddad always told me it was in my best interest not to enter that shrine. However it is becoming more and more irritant now that I think about it. My "eye of all see'ing" seems to stumble upon several things these days in the archives...several texts do not make any sense even to the eye. Unless I learn the truth, I cannot proceed and ascend my knowledge to the next level."

    It was 9 P.M. sharp. Sediera waited for his wristwatch to hit that exact moment. He sets his foot on the holy floors of the shrine. He approaches the tomb he once saw just before dozing off at the age of four. "Whats this...the inscription says....NO WAY!! ...hang can't possible is! "The Epitaph of Twilight!" Perhaps if I dicipher the strange text below it I will learn more of the Truth I have been seeking so long."

    Then the familiar old bright flare appeared as Sediera's wrist came in contact with the tombstone.
    "I remember this...I even remember that strange figuire appearing that time near the tomb, all dressed in white. This was exactly like the time when I was 4 years old...the time I got my "eye of all see'ing!" Perhaps now I will at least have the guts to keep my eyes open....don't fail me my trusty Eye; this is it!"

    The unrecognized fellow dressed in white appeared once again...this time however, Sediera recognized him. "Hakube? How did you...didn't I se...!!!" Sediera was stamering once he began saying that. A glistening bright square encircled Sediera from underneath him- the very same "Soul Dimension" which Sediera once learned from the archives. Its blinding light solidified, binded with Sediera's limbs and it seemed like everything began to disintegrate. The last thing Sediera managed to see was that smirk on Hakube's glistening visage.

    And thats all that happens when Sediera wakes up and is found out that he was in a strange tavern.

    Note that there are several aspects of the plot and there may be flashbacks later on to explain some stuff which are unclear here/ are not clarified.

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    There done. You may commence commenting.


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    Nice story, the ability kindo of sounds like moves on Pokemon or AQW though...


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    Their names? Fine I will change their names BUT 1 more reference to AQW and ur Khhhk - dead -

    And! there is no way you could have possilby read one whole forum page withing 5mins of my post ehehe read the descriptions...background info...effects...AQW? PALEEEZE! Tsk AQW wouldnt comprehend this even if they read my effects' description a thousand times.
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    I'll work on my review tomorrow. Only minor details where I could suggest a slight correction, but overall it seems to be pretty nice... Like I said, tomorrow.

    But it looks promising from what I read today. If I had the time, I would put up some small tips right now. I ain't perfect either, but I somehow manage to give good tips even in things I ain't good at.

    Btw, I like the names. Keep em. (Even though I figured your main char sounds a bit female with his name ending on an "a" and all. xD

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    Not the names, the way they are descibed...


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    Get on chat lets see what I can do.


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    OK, will do! :D

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