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    iPhone 5 vs iMac?

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    iPhone 5 vs iMac? Empty iPhone 5 vs iMac?

    Post by Ranger 50 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:29 pm

    Waddup y'all ladies'n'gents of le FA.
    Heeeere's my question for you today.

    Oh, and before I say anything, Apple haters, kindly refrain from too much flaming.

    I have a choice between the iPhone 5 (when it comes out in Autumn) and an iMac. Right now, I own a pretty basic MacBook White (yes, they still exist), an iTouch 4G and a 5-year old brick-thick Samsung phone.

    In terms of wants and needs, I kind of want the iPhone 5 more (according to rumours and confirmations, it's going to be pretty damned awesome) but I think for my study I need quite a big screen, and an iMac provides that (I also regularly use Logic and iMovie for music+film projects, so don't think I'm getting a £1k+ computer just for the luxury of a big screen). However, I always carry around both my iTouch and phone in the same pocket, and it's quite a hassle lugging the two around with me. It would be a lot more comfortable and efficient if I were able to combine the two into one (I use the phone for obvious purposes, and the iPod for music, reading, and games-on-the-go) and an iPhone is an obvious solution for that.

    What do you think I should get? In terms of cost, yes, I know the iPhone 5 will be a lot cheaper than an iMac. But I still have the choice between the two. The question is: What will I need more?

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    iPhone 5 vs iMac? Empty Re: iPhone 5 vs iMac?

    Post by Sold Out on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:30 pm

    Now I'll just give you some very basic numbers; no hating, or anything: You can get a full 16 gig ram, i7 etc. machine for ~ 700 bucks, while the iMac with the same hardware will cost well about 1300 or 1500, depending on the model.

    Considering that, I guess your parents don't want to buy you both the overpriced machines and that is just as well. I reckon' that this is all about the softwares that do have windows counterparts, but then, as lazy as you are when it comes to searching for good alternative hardware, I just would recommend you to get a normal machine with all the current hardware and install a cracked OSX Lion. It's basically a hacked setup of Mac OSX under a normal machine, often called "hackintosh". The only run-in is that it takes some work; due to my lack of previous experience I do not know about problems or how the updates work here. On the upside, you can have both a windows and a Mac OSX Lion at the same time, on the same machine. Contemplate the advantages and disadvantages considering support etc. on your own.

    I found a German guide for installing Mac OS X lion with the program called "kakewalk" ( [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ), which takes an official Mac OS X Lion App store download; you can then proceed to install it on your usually-windows machine. If you want to, I can translate the guide for ya; it was pretty detailed and accessible.

    And for the smartphone, it is going to be over the current price standards by a tad, but not as much. I won't object too much here. While I personally prefer being able to control my software, you ain't an IT guy anyway, and we'll see how long your Apple fanboy-ism stays when you buy your own hardware. Now, the thing is, you might as well wait for a bit until there is some half-version update to the iPhone 5 (like "Get the new iPhone 5 extra-shitty 2.0 bling bling with the built-in asswiper app..."); by the time, the original 5er will cost considerably less, and in combination it might allow you to have both at the same time.

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